Why IPL matches are not in delhi Arun Jaitley Stadium 2024

Why IPL matches are not in delhi Arun Jaitley Stadium 2024

IPL 2024 has been begin and the buzz for Indian Premier League is once again started, but something seems off as we will miss delhi. Stadium, which is Arun Jaitley Stadium. We have encountered many  thrilling games in this stadium and the familiar roar of crowd and electric atmosphere of that stadium is absent. Most of the crowd is of delhi people who support delhi capitals. In this article, we will understand why DC made this. Has an unconventional decision and why they are not playing their home games in the league this year. 

Reasons behind the venue change for Delhi capitals in IPL 2024 

The fans of Delhi capitals are puzzled due to their decision of shifting their stadium of Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi to Visakhapatnam Stadium. Do you understand why they have taken this unconventional move

 Woman Premier League overlap and preparation challenges

Women Premier League is also scheduled during the time IPL is going to start.  They have some serious matches such as eliminator and final,  which have crucial role in deciding winner of WPL, are held on Arun Jaitley Stadium. So,  Arun Jaitley stadium designation was already booked for WPL High Stake Encounters. Because  a lot of matches are already played on this stadium so, there are some ground preparation challenges such as. Repairing a cricket ground again will take  Planning and execution. Also the. Transition of from WPL to IPL is required. Many adjustments which include pitch preparation, outfield maintenance and many logistical arrangement which takes time. Because of intense schedule of WPL, it is difficult that the stadium is immediately ready after woman's tournament. So, alloting this ground as home ground for delhi capitals is not a great idea. That's why they needed an alternative venue for good experience in IPL. So delhi management had to decide that there is balance between the commitment they made to WPL for successful conduction of matches and the preparation for IPL.

Visakhapatnam Stadium as new venue

 So the decision to move away from Delhi Stadium to Visakhapatnam Stadium was made in order to proceed both of the tournament without compromising the quality. Vishakhapatnam, The chosen venue was mostly because of WPL overlap. So for that purpose Delhi capitals explored various options. But Visakhapatnam was there preferred choice because of its infrastructure and the previous experience while hosting IPL matches. The whole name of because Vishakhapatnam Stadium is Dr. YS Rajasekhara. Ready. BDCA Cricket Stadium. This Visakhapatnam stadium has previously hosted 13 IPL matches despite the team does not represent the city but due to unavailability. This is chosen as the alternative venue. This decision to choose their home as Visakhapatnam allows Delhi capitals to maintain their competitive edge as the woman Premier League  finals are scheduled in Delhi and not much matches are held in Visakhapatnam stadium so it can be prepared with ease. 


So the conclusion is. Delhi  crowd will miss their team in Arun Jaitley Stadium. But the familiar chants of crowd can be heard in Visakhapatnam Stadium. This is Delhi capitals choice because of unavailability of Visakhapatnam Stadium, it reflects their adaptability and commitment to cricket and Indian Premier League. Visakhapatnam is a good choice because it has already hosted 13 IPL matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Is there any IPL match In Delhi in 2024?

 As we have discussed in the article above, there will be No matches hosted on Delhi Arun Jaitley Stadium in IPL 2024. Because it is utilized in Women Premier League for  crucial matches just a little before IPL.

 2. Which ground is known as Vizag?

 Vishakhapatnam Stadium is known as Vizag and its selected as the  Delhi capitals home ground in 2024.

 3. Where will be the IPL 2024 final match?

 The final match of IPL 2024 will be held in MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. Chennai is one of the most successful team of IPL so there home ground is selected for final this time.

4. Have Delhi Capitals ever reached IPL final?

 Yes, Delhi have reached IPL final in 2020 and they have played their final against Mumbai Indians in 2020 under the captaincy of Rishabh Pant and Coached by Ricky Ponting.

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