Mentalism/ Mind Reading Free Full Course

Mentalism/ Mind Reading Free Full Course 

Mentalism is the art of creating the illusion of impossible mental feats such as mind reading, prediction, hypnotism, and other phenomena that seem to defy science and rational explanation. Unlike stage magic tricks which are presented as clever illusions, mentalism is often portrayed as authentic psychic powers and extrasensory abilities. The mystic quality makes mentalism hugely popular, yet it is complex to learn properly. This is where Mind Reading/Mentalism - The Complete Course comes in.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Mentalism

1. Introduction to Mentalism: Art of reading and influencing the minds ~ Customer Care (

2. Differences between Mentalism, Behaviorism, and Magic

3. Some famous mentalists and myths cleared about mentalism

4. Course Objectives

Chapter 2 Understanding mentalism principles

1. Principals of Mentalism

2. Mastering Suggestion Technique

3. Mastering Misdirection in Mentalism

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