Why Ipl is called Tata Ipl

What is IPL

The Premier League IPL is man's T20 league, which is. Held annually in India, it is one of the most popular cricket tournament all over the world. So people from all over the world. Top talent. Australia, England and other countries. Come to participate in IPL. It involves a high intensity cricket. Star Power. Nonstop Entertainment, which makes it a. Big event. In cricketing calendar. This article we will. Understand why it's called Tata IPL. That are the reason behind. Replacement of vivo with data group. 

Why Is IPL called Tata IPL

How Tata Brought IPL Sponsership

Before 2020, The sponsorship rights of IPL is purchased by a Chinese Phone making company named Vivo, but in 2020. The foreign relations between India and China are not good due to geopolitical tensions, so. chinese phone maker company Vivo pulled out this IPL sponsorship deal which created an opportunity for some other company to buy and sponsor this league. So after that,  Tata group which is an old Indian company came forward and secured the rights of IPL for one year from 2023-2024 by paying rupees 670 crore to BCCI. Now in next year. In 2024, they renewed the sponsorship deal with  record-breaking value of 2500 crore rupees from BCCI for 5 years which is from 2024- 2028. It is the biggest sponsership amount in the history of IPL. The Tata Group is an Indian's big firm and. It understands the global impact of IPL in the sports worldwide.

What is a meaning by Sponsorship which Tata Brought

Buying sponsorship means buying rights for promoting products on their platform which can be done through showing posters, images, ads. For example IPL is being called Tata Ipl so people might believe that Tata is a good brand because it is shown with IPL and this will increase the trust of users on the products. 

 Reasons for Vivos Pull off.

 The problems start in Ladakh, Galvan Valley where the tensions between Indian and the Chinese Army were started in 2020, which result in backlash against the Chinese company. The title sponsor of Indian Premier League. So Vivo pull out the sponsorship deal in 2020 season. Then in 2020. 

Dream 11, which is an Indian company stepped in and brought the sponsorship for IPL 2020 season. After that, Tata Group Took the opportunity for being the sponsor of IPL. The sponsorship deal in 2024. for five years. With the association of IPL, they are trying to expand their digital footprint. They are, they have launched their. Tata. Neu app which provide services such as Commerce Service and Financial Service. to customers and futuristic experience for shopping for users. 

 How Tata neu And IPL helping each other. 

Tata Neu is designed for providing Customers a futuristic shopping experience which is expensive but highly personalized there purpose is to seamlessly bend towards customer service, financial services. It's expected services include online shopping, groceries, pharmacy. Fashion, retail, digital payments, hotel and flight bookings, food delivery, etc. In this application users can earn neu coins. Neu coins are. Equal are worth rupees 1. There are no limit to earning them. It was set to launch in March 2022. Which coincided with IPL season. Tata Neu is also promoted in various ways towards IPL.

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