Who is behind the IPL Logo?

Player in IPL Logo

 IPL is the second wealthiest domestic cricket league of India. Which was started in 2008. Now. 2024 It's the 17th season of IPL. But a lot of people might think that who is the person in the logo? Designed by Ogilvy and Mather in 2008. During that time, the main aim was to create a logo which will show the importance of the league. So showing the best of cricket in India and the world. But it could be a debate that who is the identity of player? Shown in the logo. They have not exposed specifically about the player but most of the people believe and matched the logo with 

 Mashrafe Murtaza. Most of the people believe that the inspiration of the IPL logo was taken from Mashrafe Murtaza who is the Bangladeshi all rounder and the image in the logo was from his shot of 2007 World Cup. The batter is shown striking, an unorthodox shot in the icon. It is not confirmed that Mashrafe Murtaza was the original player, but most of the people believe & the logo was designed to show the energetic nature of the game.  The Batsman logo also represents that IPL brings a lot of cricket talent together. That's why it is one of the biggest league and brings the world's best players to perform in dynamic T20 format 

IPL logo

Debates and controversies about logo-

There is always a debate and controversy going on because many cricket fans believe the player in the IPL logo is Ab de Villiers. But the image they are saying as a reference is taken from a game which is played after the creation of logo which makes it Unlikely that he is the actual player who is shown in the logo. 


Akash Chopra Confirmation. 

Once a former Indian cricketer, Akash Chopra has verified that the player on the IPL logo is Mashrafe  Murtaza who was taken as an inspiration for IPL logo. Which makes it clear that the player in the iconic IPL logo is Mashrafe Murtaza and the image is taken from his playing style and shot from 2007. Akash Chopra has settled the matter. That the man in the logo is Bangladeshi all rounder.

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