Sureti imf pvt ltd Review real or fake?

What is Sureti IMF

 Sureti IMF is an Insurance company which provides a range of product and investment options. It was started in 2018 in Tamil nadu, there headquarter is at Coimbatore in tamil nadu. They have lot of trustworthy partners they work with which are Star health insurance, ICCI Prudential, Unites States insurance, Raligare health Insurance. There main purpose is to provide insurance service to users who don't have the access to these services. Provide them support throughout the process.  As a proof of credibility they are approved and recognised by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) of india who checks for all the regulations and fair means before approving. So we can say it is credible for the users. It caters the insurance needs of people, whether it's general insurance, life insurance or health insurance. It believes in human centric delivery means services that will be simple to access and are just a click away. 

Is it real or fake?

Hence we can say that Sureti IMF is a trusted and credible platform for insurance. As it's. Approved by. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) of India and also they are partnered with top insurance providers.  Their commitment to customer service, transparency and wide range of products. makes it a trustworthy name in the industry, insurance, marketing sector. But also there is a room for improvement in particular sectors.

Benefits of using Sureti IMF 

Rewards and benefits- Sureti IMF values the customers loyalty and also rewards their customers for the trust in their company. 

One stop solution- It it is a firm which offers a lot of insurance services and the applying process is also very convenient to customers to fulfill their insurance needs in a single place. Customer does not have to visit another site if they need another kind of insurance like house, health they will get everything at once. 

 24/7 services- Sureti IMF provides 24/7 customer support and availability. For offering solutions to their customers at any time of the day or week.

 Long term assistance- Most of the firms focus on Sales only and not about the customers, but Sureti IMF believes in providing a good customer experience and long term services to their users.

Transparency- The company provides. Clear information to their customers. There is nothing like hidden. They will provide you all the policies before which will help the customer in making their purchase decisions.

Where they need Improvement

Sureti IMF has many strengths but there are also some areas of improvement such as 

Online presence: The online presence of Sureti IMF is little and a little amount of users know about it. So they can enhance the digital experience by updating their websites interface, marketing etc.

Customer reviews: There should be visibility of customer reviews and testimonials on the external programs platforms which will improve the trust of users and transparency.

 Expansion- They should expand their. Reach. In more rural areas. To increase their customer base. And cities. We'll help them. In building confidence and brand value.

 Ratings based on multiple criteria 

Credibility 9/ 10. Yes its not fake and 100 percent real because it got approval of IRDAI

Service range 8 /10. This is also good as they provide good range of products. 

Customer service 9/ 10. They provide 24/7 customer service so its also good in this, You can contact them anytime. 

Transparency 8 /10. Good transparency, as users will get all the details before enrolling.

User experience 7/ 10. Fine user experience according to reviews on internet. 

Accessibility 7 / 10  Its simply accessible through website Sureti Imf.

Innovation 7 / 10. This could be more innovative if they provide more digital product and services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who is the owner of Sureti Imf Pvt Ltd?

Ravichandran Santhosh and Kothandaramarao Yagyanath are the owners and founders of Sureti Imf Pvt Limited. They started the organization in 2018.

2. Who are the partners of Sureti Imf Pvt ltd?

Life Insurance Corporation of India, ICCI Prudential, United India Insurance, Star Health Insurance, Raligare Health Insurance.

3. What is my salary if I join as a fresher in Sureti Imf Private Limited?

According to ambition box the average salary for freshers is ₹2.6 Lakhs ₹1 L/yr - ₹4 L/yr

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