Does AC consume electricity when off by remote?

 Does ac consume electricity when off by remote?

In this article we will learn about an interesting thing, weather an air conditioner uses electricity when its turn off with its remote, connected to the main switch.  We will understand it with the concept of "Standby power" so the answer is

 Yes air conditioners do consume electricity when they are turn off for understanding this lets understand the concept of "Standby power" stand by power means the electricity used by the electronic devices when they are switched off by remote or when they are not performing any primary operation  but still connected to the main power source

Why it uses electricity

Standby Circuit

 Means most of the electronic devices have a circuit which turns on and remains on when they are connected to power source for quickly activating the device when triggered by remote's infrared sensor.
The standby circuit includes main two things

  • Infrared sensor- The infrared sensor in AC is used to detect signals from the remote to turn the ac on and off so it will use some power when connected to main socket. 
  • Main Circuitry- The microprocessor and memory is also turned on during this time because the functions such as temperature and timer functions needs to be maintained.

Standby Power:

 Standby power is used to quickly turn on the electronic device when its not in use but still connected to the main power source. For maintaining  a standby circuit we need some electricity. 

Minimal consumption:

 The power used during this time is very less  compared to the time when the devices are pulling operation. 

Impact on Electricity Bill

Yes, the energy spent in a single time is very low. But if you are doing this daily, for long hours than it will sum up to large amount of money.  It will cause a lot impact if you have multiple have multiple appliances and you are leaving them connected to the main switch. 


To make sure that no power or electricity is being used  make sure to unplug the device from the power source or switch off the main socket. This concept not only the applies to the air conditioners but also applies to the device is like televisions, gaming consoles, and power adaptors

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