Refer Earn App android Fake or Real

 Refer and Earn app  android Real or fake?

Refer and Earn app with this logo have got almost 1 Million + downloads on google with a fine play store rating. Rating, Should you also download the application and refer it to your friends to earn money? 

The answer is No, 

This application is fake... and won't necessarily pay you money

Why do they make such fake application and claim that we can earn money?

Most of the android application are made for earning money or providing  information. In this case this refer and earn money application is made for purpose of earning money. Like they will get reach to lot of people by referred by different people. Then, they will show ads and promote any product to earn money.

If they earn money why do they don't give users money who refer this app?

Because the money earned by showing ads or promotion is very low, if they distribute money to people then they won't get any savings.  For example, money earns by them by showing 1000 ads to users is about 2-3 dollars. So, if they try to distribute it to people then the amount will be very low.

How do they maintain good ratings?

Most of these application buy ratings of users by paying small amount of money or by forcing users to rate in order to get withdrawl. Like I am trying to get withdrawl and they will ask to me to first give 5 star rating to take withdrawl

Are they always fake?

NO, some are real but they work for only some time and when they start getting lose then they also stop giving payouts.

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