About Cytescintizivad: Spread, Issues

 About Cytescintizivad

It is a medical or genetic condition in which some parts of body do not work in the way they should in normal people. This can be genetic or caused due to environmental factor, interaction of body with different tiny organisms such as bacteria. 

What exactly could happen in it

Cancerous growth of organs- This is the case where the parts of body starts growing faster than needed, which lead to the creation of cancer which is un necessary for the body. which is further removed by the medical procedures otherwise it may cause serious issues. 

Autoimmune Disorders: Our body have which immune system which have some healthy cells and some other which are harmful for our body. In this Autoimmune Disorders the body starts killing the healthy cells instead of harmful ones which can lead to malfunctioning in organs. 

Neurological disorders- In this, many parts of brain can malfunction, which can lead to bad body coordination, memory loss etc. 

Hormonal Imbalances- In this our body have more or less hormones of a certain kind which can lead to diabetes and thyroid like problems. 

How to prevent it

 There are multiple steps that are taken by doctors and at individual level for preventing it,

1,  You can wash hands regularly and use safety kits in the places where it spreads like in hospitals. 

2,  The diseases like Cytescintizivad are changing and adapting with time, doctors and scientists are working on the medicine for it. 

3. You can take good care of your hygiene, get regular checkups of clinics and performs tests if you see any symptoms, acting fast is the key stopping the spread. 

How it spreads

The most common way for spreading of cytescintizivad is through air where the agents of cytescintizivad move in the open air which we breathe. The other way of it spreading is through the bodily fluids of people such as there saliva. So, the places infected by these can lead to spread of cytescintizivad

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