What if rcb won the ipl final

"Dreams Can Come True!" RCB Finally Lifts the Trophy 

In a raucous Chinnaswamy stadium drowned in red and the roars of fans, RCB has finally done it. The underdogs, the perpetual chokers, the team that can get oh-so close but fail - they've banished their ghosts of IPLs past and clinched the trophy in stunning victory. 

As the fireworks explode and Kohli lifts the cup with a grin as wide as a cheetah's, one can't help but wonder - what lies in store now that Bangalore's beloved franchise has stamped their name amongst the IPL greats?! Let's indulge in this universe where memes transform to reality.

What if RCB won IPL

Entire City Comes to Standstill...Out of Sheer Disbelief  

Minutes past the winning six, all of Bengaluru collectively believes they're stuck in an elaborate fever dream. There is no way RCB actually won. Traffic comes to a standstill not in celebration but drivers simply abandoning vehicles to process this alien new reality. Authorities rush to set up crisis hotlines for shell-shocked fans. A sense of exuberant bewilderment electrifies the air - could their years of agonized yearning finally be over?!

Kohli Announces Impromptu Early Retirement

Having achieved his last remaining dream in cricket, Kohli stuns the world by retiring right there in the post match interview. "I've done it all now baby!" he proclaims in peak aggression while stripping off his jersey for one legendary final twirl on the field. RCB reluctantly begins the hunt for a new captain while cursing themselves for not winning it for him earlier. 

SIR AB de Villiers the Living Legend  

In recognition of his godly form this season that fueled several match-winning innings, the IPL committee unanimously crowns ABD with a newly constituted accolade - "IPL Sir". The de Villiers ancestral South African land receives the honor of official "Sir"hood. Mr. 360 enters cricketing knighthood alongside Sir Don Bradman and Sir Garfield Sobers, completing the trinity. 

Bangalore's Economy Skyrockets

Having waited 14 long years for this moment, ecstatic RCB fans spare no expense putting the city into party overdrive. Restaurants and bars overflow with raucous celebrations. Red and gold fireworks continuously light up the sky fueling astronomical air pollution levels. Real estate prices shoot up as wealthy NRIs invest heavily, suddenly finding the city attractive since it now bred IPL royalty. 

Modi Declares National Holiday 

In recognition of a historic underdog triumph sending a cricket-crazed nation into euphoria, PM Modi announces a surprise national holiday for fans to fully soak in the victory. Government officials worry about lost productivity but supporters overflow the streets in impromptu victory parades. Stories of friends reuniting and family feuds ending thanks to RCB's unifying force flood social media.

 Kohli Gets "King' Statue Next to Modi:

The BCCI commissions a giant 20ft Kohli celebration statue seated on a throne in RCB colors, complete with a real flowing red cape. It gets erected overnight next to Modi's existing statue to cement Kohli's 'King' status.

Every Indian Toddler Named Virat In Perpetuity :

Such is Kohli's skyrocketed national god-like standing that parents unanimously agree to name first born sons Virat for generations onward. Birth registrars prepare for the onslaught as the name tops charts.

Bangalore Airport  Renamed to "Kohli International":

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike jumps into action, not just stopping at a stadium rechristening. Replacing old British names, the Bangalore International Airport gets renamed to reflect their homegrown global superstar and put them on the map.

UNESCO Declares Chinnaswamy  "Wonder of the World":

Given its status as  hallowed ground where sports history unfolded, UNESCO confers prestigious wonder distinction to RCB's home fortress. Tourists throng to experience the arena's magic, while museums with shaking grounds, cheering holograms open.

Mandatory Public Holiday Announced Yearly:

Not satisfied with just a one-off national holiday, the Karnataka government-under public demand - annually declares May 14th (anniversary of victory) as "RCB Day" where fans rejoice on streets with outright abandon. Bosses can't legally refuse leave on this most auspicious day!

Well, in this fictional reality, we see RCB has not just won a trophy but transformed sports legacy, pop culture and an entire city forever! We can only speculate but it's fun to envision how monumental the reactions would be if the underdogs' time truly came. Here's hoping we may witness history and see if any of this rings true someday!

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