Yes Bank Share: Buy or Not May 2024, Analysis


In this article we will try to find whether investors and traders should buy the Yes Bank share or not for the short, medium or long terms. The Yes bank share has been increasing since last month to about 8 Percent, and also provided 60 percent profits in the last year so traders are confused whether they should buy the stock or not it will increase or decrease. We will try to find out the answers of these questions in this article. 

Yes Bank Share analysis

For deciding whether we should buy it or not we will look at analysis of different platforms of Now May 2024 and provide you the answer. 

According to bing analysis,

So, according to bing analyst you should not buy the Yes bank share now, as there are more chance of decrease in share in future. This share is set as sell and downside of about 35 percent is expected in the next 12 month period. 

           According to Ticker

This stock is not good to buy right now according to ticker also, and the reasons are. It have  Fin star rating now due to its management and efficiency issues. So, the stock is at its premium valuation at this point. 
According to Groww


So, even according to groww you should not buy the stocks right now, in the case you purchased you can sell or hold to see if it increases a little


You should not buy this stock, according to various analysts. We will update here when the rating will change to buy or strong buy. Now its on strong sell. If you need to buy for single day means intraday then you can consider but the stats are not good for medium term or long term for yes bank stock. 
 Please note: The information provided is based on predictions and analysis. Actual results may vary, and investing involves risk.

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