How to say fidzholikohixy


Fidzholikohixy is a word about which no information is available on internet but is widely searched on internet in this article we will try to find out what this possibily mean and try to pronounce it or learn to say it. 


How to say fidzholikohixy

fi: This sounds like "fee".

dzho: This part is pronounced like "jo" with a soft "j" sound, similar to the "j" in "jog".

li: This sounds like "lee".

ko: This sounds like "ko" as in "coat".

hi: This sounds like "he".

xy: This can be a bit tricky. "Xy" can be pronounced as "zhee" where "x" is like the "zh" sound in "measure" and "y" is like "ee".

The whole pronounciation becomes fee-jo-lee-ko-hee-zhee.



Now lets try to find out what it means?

This word is being searched in Finland and looks similar to word Cidzholikohixy and Cidzholikohixy might refers to a good spirit which is word used in africa, so fidzholikohixy might be something similar to that. Some good spirit or positive energy which can be helpful in starting some new thing.

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