How are houseboats of kerala and kashmir different

India is a country of diverse culture, millions of people visit India every year to see its diversity and the culture it provides, it is unique and memorable experience to travellers.  The houseboats in Kerala and Kashmir which flows through tranquil lakes have their own charm. Because of its lush greenery and tackle lagoons, houseboats etc. While Kashmir provides a different lifestyle with its breathtaking landscapes, Valleys. and an old world charm and luxury. This article we will try to find out the. Differences between the houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir. It will help you choose the best according to your the taste and preferences. 

How kerala houseboats are different from houseboats in kashmir

Kerala houseboats in Kerala, the traditional houseboats were discussing about are known as. Kettuvallams, which are used from Traditional times where we Transport rice and spices with the help of these boats that influences their design even today. Let's learn about them.

 Construction- These are generally made from wood and bamboo with upper roof, which protects them from rain and a long, narrow body.

 Mobility- Mobility means the movement in the water. The Kashmiri households are stationary in water while the kerala houseboats glide in the water through the interconnected canals, lakes, lagoons which provides a dynamic landscape among the backwaters.

Features and functionalities- In modern day these houseboats are becoming more advanced. Nowadays these are added with a lot of features which provides a luxury as well as comfortable state to people with the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and a living room. People use them as a House while travelling in water.

 Culinary experience- The guest in these boards are offered the South Indian meals which are served on the banana leaf. They have tradition of eating food with their hands. Which shows the closeness to nature. 

Now let's understand about the Kashmiri houseboats.

  •  Kashmir Houseboats are found in the rivers Jhelum and dale lake which flow in the kashmir we can get beautiful view of nature, Himalayas from here
  •  There are many differences between Kashmiri and. Kerala houseboats, 
  • like in construction Kashmir houseboats are generally made of cedar pine which have a lot of intricate carvings which represents the rich craftsmanship of the region.
  • Stationary- yeah, These are stationary as compared to the Kerala boards. Which offers a stable view of Himalayas and the lake water.
  •  Interior design- The interiors they have is very luxury and lavish  also decorated by the. Victorian and Turkish designs. It gives pretty and luxurious feel with hand carved cedar paneling and wood paneled walls. Comparatively  these are in smaller size. 

FeatureKerala Houseboats (Kettuvallams)Kashmiri Houseboats
Construction MaterialWood and bamboo, with a thatched roofCedar pine with intricate carvings
MobilityMobile, cruising through backwatersStationary, moored at a fixed spot
Design InfluenceTraditional rice boatsVictorian and Turkish aesthetics
InteriorFunctional with modern amenitiesLavishly decorated with wood-panelled walls
Culinary ExperienceTraditional Keralite cuisineTypically, Kashmiri cuisine
SceneryLush landscapes and daily life along the backwatersViews of the Himalayas and serene lake waters
Cultural ExperienceA journey through local life and natureA glimpse into the past and craftsmanship

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