Death clock is real or fake

 What is Death Clock 

Death clock is a site which predicts your death time by taking some details such as 

  • Age 
  • Do you smoke?
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Country
  • Gender

etc. So in this article we will find out is it real or just a prank means find out if it is real or not.

Death Clock real or fake

Working of death clock

For understanding whether its real or fake we need to understand how to it work how it provides the death time of people. So, they have designed some algorithmn which will have some average height for every person which may be like 70 years. And they add that 70 years to your date of birth. Then after that they will decrease or increase in this age according to the options selected such as If your selected that you are alcoholic then they will deduct some years, while if you select that you are not alcoholic they will add few years. they also add decrease years on different parameters such as outlook, bmi etc. 

So, this way they provide a prediction about your death age. 

Is Death Clock real or fake?

Based on of working we can say it can be precise but not all accurate. This means that the date predicted by this is not right, but it may be close to it like it provided your death age in 2077 then death age may not be in same this year but may be between 2070 to 2080 if you have selected right options, also there are chances of early death and due to disease which are comparitively rare. But this app is good for doing prank on the your friends. 

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