What show popularized the term smize?

What Show Popularized the Term "Smize"?

The world SMIZE became popular with the show called America's Next Top Model, is a reality show about modelling. This word is made with the combination of words smile and eyes and have the meaning "To smile with eyes".  In this article we will find about how this word smize became popular with this show. 

America's Next Top Model Makes "Smize" a Sensation

Like the other reality shows the task is to impress the judges and complete the modelling tasks. In 2003 this show started with Tyra Banks as host and head judge for this show. It have a group of women competitors who have to complete the tasks given by the judges which are Banks, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander and others. One neologism Banks promoted heavily on the show was "smize" - smiling with your eyes instead of an open-mouthed toothy grin. She frequently coached contestants on perfecting their smize, cementing it as a signature catchphrase. Over 24 cycles and 16 years, ANTM contestants got endless smize practice as an entire generation grew up with the term.  

Why Smize Caught On

As head judge and mentor, Banks' smoldering looks directly inspired the smize craze. When she gazed piercingly down the catwalk with a sly, barely perceptible smile hinting at the corners of her mouth, that glint of mirth and confidence reaching her eyes taught audiences the magnetism of a powerful, enigmatic smize. As Banks urged contestant after contestant to smize with eyes that "smolder", that alluring look became synonymous with America's Next Top Model. Soon, smize grew ubiquitous.

Everyone's Smizing! 

From wannabe models practicing their smize poses to ordinary folks using the term in everyday conversation, ANTM made "smize" inescapable lexicon. As contestants struggled to pull off intense, alluring gazes at judging panels, smize was firmly imprinted onto viewer consciousness. Like other Tyra-isms from ANTM like "booch", "flawsome", or fiercest", "smize" became widely used slang. Its longevity is evident - over a decade since its heyday, smize remains firmly embedded in pop culture.

The Legacy of Smize 

While America's Next Top Model recently halted its runway, producing numerous industry stars and household names, its most ubiquitous contribution may well be adding "smize" into everyday lingo. Through Banks' impassioned coaching and contestants modeling increasingly avant garde looks, smize emerged memorably each episode. Who can forget Miss Jay's enthusiastic smize gestures? Or Tyra demonstrating 50 different smize variations? Iconic indeed! Although smizing to perfection may not be easy, thanks to ANTM, we can all humorously employ the term for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Smize and ANTM 

Q1. What does smize mean? 

Ans: Smize, coined by Tyra Banks for America's Next Top Model, means smiling with your eyes (instead of an open mouth). It conveys warmth and personality without a toothy grin.

Q2. Who started using smize on ANTM?

Ans: Host and lead judge Tyra Banks launched the concept of smizing from Cycle 1 of the show itself in 2003. It became one of her signature catchphrases.  

Q3. Why did smize become so popular?  

Ans: Tyra Banks highlighted smoldering yet subtle smize looks as ideal for aspiring models. As she tirelessly trained countless contestants in perfecting their smize on camera, the word grew ubiquitous.

Q4. What other catchphrases did ANTM introduce?

Ans: Other notables like "booch", "flawsome", and "fiercest" also became slang after being constantly reinforced on the show by Banks over multiple cycles.

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