Original name of Mahabharata characters

Ramanand Sagar's Mahabharat became most popular show at the time it released. Even now, we imagine lord krishna as Nitish, and the characters played in Mahabharata as the real god. That amount of impactit created on people. Even now that was the best mahabharat till date. It have over 94 episodes and the cast bring alive the characters from Vyasa's Sanskrit masterpiece. In this article we  will know the real names of actors who played role in mahabharat. 

Original name of Mahabharata characters

Original name of mahabharata characters

The Pandavas 

Yudhisthira / Dharmaraja - Gajendra Chauhan

Yudhistra is biggest brother of pandavas, except karna. He is known Dharmraja because  of his righteousness in decision. He always do what he finds right according to dharma. That is his power. This role is played perfectly by Gajendra Chauhan.

Bhima / Vrikodara - Praveen Kumar 

The mighty second Pandava blessed with superhuman strength. Original name Vrikodara highlighted his insatiable hunger. Memorably essayed by Praveen Kumar.

Arjuna / Phalguna / Vijaya - Arjun Firoz Khan

Peerless archer and warrior, Arjuna's names like Phalguna and Vijaya signify skill and victory. Iconically portrayed by Arjun Firoz Khan. 

Nakula / Granthika - Sameer Chitre  

The handsome fourth Pandava brother renowned for his expertise with horses. Originally named Granthika in Sanskrit texts. Sameer Chitre as Nakula.

Sahadeva / Shrutasena - Sanjeev Chitre

The youngest Pandava, blessed with tactical wisdom, bearing the Sanskrit name Shrutasena. Played by Sanjeev Chitre.

Draupadi / Krishnaa / Panchali - Roopa Ganguly

Wife to all five Pandava brothers. Her names Krishnaa and Panchali reflect her dusky complexion and Five Husbands. Beautifully brought to life by Roopa Ganguly.

Kunti - Nazneen

The noble matriarch of the Pandavas, originally named Pritha. Depicted with grace and empathy by Nazneen.  She is mother of all pandavas. 

The Kauravas 

Duryodhana / Suyodhana - Puneet Issar 

Duryodhana is the eldest brother of Kauravas and one of most important character in mahabharata. He is biggest reason for this epic war. He is jealous with Dharmraja yudhistra that he will get kingdom which caused him to do lot of bad things. Suyodhana is word used for duryodhana in sanskrit.

Dushasana / Prushata - Pradeep Sharma

Duryodhana's younger brother, infamously dragged Draupadi into court. Original name Prushata. Pradeep Sharma's portrayal won him fame.

Shakuni / Saubala - Gufi Paintal

Devious maternal uncle of the Kauravas, master of manipulation and cheat. Called Saubala in ancient texts. Memorably played by Gufi Paintal.

Duhsala - Navni Parihar

The long-suffering sister of the Kaurava brothers, married off to Jayadratha. Navni Parihar as Duhsala.

Gandhari - Rekha Mirza

Matriarch of the Kauravas, she blindfolded herself to be impartial to her sons.  She is mother of duryodhana. She is one who wears cloth on eyes so she cannot she and in last she tried to help his son duryodhana by making his body unbreakable. Originally named Shakuntala. Played by Chetna. Moving performance by Rekha Mirza.

Shakuntala - Chetna

A lot of people don't know about shakuntala. She is mother of duryodhana son and wife of duryodhana. Played by Chetna.

Other Key Characters

Karna / Vaikartana - Sachin Khedekar

The noble but tragic warrior Karna, loyal friend to Duryodhana. Original patronymic Vaikartana. Sachin Khedekar's masterful depiction.

Dronacharya / Drona - Surendra Pal

The martial guru to Kauravas and Pandavas, compelled to fight his own disciples. Named Drona in Sanskrit. Surendra Pal's learned portrayal won acclaim.

Ashwatthama - Debashish Banerjee 

Son of Dronacharya who tragically caused carnage after the war, immortalized by Debashish Banerjee.

Shri Krishna / Vasudeva / Achyuta - Nitish Bharadwaj

Divine avatar who delivered the Bhagavad Gita. Various Sanskrit names like Vasudeva signify his exalted status. Nitish Bhardwaj role is just iconic. I cannot imagine someone playing Sri krishna better than him. He 

Trigarta / Sushena - Krip Suri

The Trigarta chief allied to the Kauravas. Vedic texts call him King Sushena. Krip Suri in the role.

Jarasandha - Shashikala Jawalkar

Powerful Magadha ruler defeated by Bhima in the Mahabharata. Beautifully essayed by veteran actress Shashikala Jawalkar.

Satyavati - Usha Naik  

Noble fisherwoman who became mother of King Shantanu's heirs. Originally named 'Kali' in the epic. Played by Usha Naik.

Thus Ramanand Sagar's Mahabharat became an indelible part of India's cultural heritage by bringing alive characters and stories that continue to enthrall generation after generation. This glance back at primordial names and beloved faces celebrates an unforgettable contribution to preserving Vyasa's treasure for posterity.

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