How many states congress government in india


India's vibrant democracy allows people to elect governments as per their wishes. The freedoms enshrined in the Constitution have strengthened governance over time. A party integral to India's democracy has been the Indian National Congress - the torchbearer of the freedom movement under Gandhi and Nehru's sterling leadership. Now in 2024, the Grand Old Party leads coalition governments in three vital states – Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, and Karnataka. Plus alliances with Congress participate in ruling Bihar, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu. 

States having congress government in india

The Congress at present rules the following Indian states:

1. Telangana with Chief Minister Revanth Reddy 

2. Himachal Pradesh, led by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

3. Karnataka, helmed by Siddaramaiah 

SO, in 2024 congress is leading in 3 states in india with the CMs mentioned above.

How they won there?


In telangana congress gathered with an alliance to win against BJP, they among with party Telangana Rashtra Samithi won 64 of 119 seats in the hard-fought November 2023 Telangana polls. Their leader Revanth Reddy took office on December 11, 2023 - marking the party's advent in the state after nearly 20 years! Up next, Congress faces spirited opposition from BJP and Bharat Rashtra Samithi and firebrand KCR's combative politicking. 

Himachal Pradesh

While having lot of craze for BJP in all over india still congress managed to get a good win against them in Himachal Pradesh. They bagged 40 of 68 seats in the November 2022 Vidhan Sabha elections. With backing from independents and smaller parties, they crossed the majority threshold and formed government. Sukhvinder Sukhu solemnly swore in as Chief Minister on December 11, 2022. Analysts widely commended Congress' grassroots-focused campaigning on the Old Pension Scheme. BJP currently occupies the Opposition with 25 seats. 


Congress' assumption of power in Karnataka in May 2023 capped years of tumultuous instability and chaotic coalition politics. They secured a mammoth 135 of 223 seats in the high-decibel May 2023 fight. The party's 2-time ex-CM Siddaramaiah took the oath on May 16, 2023. Congress won there due to there schemes which are made for poor, for providing them welfare and social justice. These are the biggest issues in the karnataka due to good agendas and outreach congress managed to win. But BJP and Janta Dal is among the biggest competitors for congress. 

2024 Elections Gameplan

For 2024's Lok Sabha polls, Congress incorporated a mega collective christened the Indian National Development Alliance (INDIA) which hosts multiple regional forces. This progressive coalition envisages a united Opposition front to counter the dominant BJP regime. Analysts feel Congress' standout wins in key states strengthened its position within INDIA. And with Rahul Gandhi captaining its nationwide run, the party remains hopeful of posing a formidable challenge. Its performance in the 3 states where it just assumed power will also shape strategies. The road to 2024 remains ardous, but Congress appears gearing up to the best of its abilities!

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