Chapri's Favourite bikes in India

Chapri Bikers and Their Beloved Motorcycles


The chapri phenomenon, as we learnt earlier, represents a very desi urban subculture of men from modest backgrounds attempting to gain social credibility through flashy styling and carefree swagger. An integral element fuelling this attitude is their deep obsession with bikes. Let's dive deeper into understanding what makes certain two-wheelers extremely coveted in chapri biker circles.

Defining Chapri Bikers

Chapri bikers are those motorcycle lovers from small towns who don't have enough money to buy the big powerful bikes. But they love to mod their simple bikes like Hero Honda Splendor or Bajaj Boxer by adding stickers, fancy lights, loud silencers and more to make it look dashing!

They form groups with neighborhood friends and do bike stunts like wheelie, ride together in gangs and feel very macho like a movie hero. Often they remove silencers to make more noise while riding as they think it's stylish. No proper safety gear also while doing dangerous stunts on roads.

Qualities of Chapri Bikers

  • Decorate bikes uniquely with custom paint, accessories even if the bike is old second hand one. Their favorite!
  • Make friend gang who also love bikes. Ride together, do naughty things, eat out, watch race shows on mobile.
  • Break traffic rules by not wearing helmet, crossing red lights. Feel rules are for weak people.
  • Try bike racing on roads to impress friends and some girls also. No safety equipment only. Dangerous but mazaa aata hai!
  • Spend more on petrol and mods rather than helping family because their passion is biking!
  • Dream of buying big Royal Enfield Bullet or sportsbike someday. Their role model is John Abraham.

There Favourite Bikes

The Mighty KTM Duke 390 Reigns Supreme in India’s Chapri Biker World

 Many chapri bikers are now leaving their old Bullets and Pulsars and buying the orange KTM Duke 390 sportsbike instead! This bike is like a racehorse - very fast and aggressive. Chapris love it because riding wheelies, stoppies during stunts becomes easy on this bike.

It looks like a race bike with its orange paint, open pipes and gear parts visible outside only. Going at full speed also feels like proper race driver to them! The 'Hooligan' nickname also matches with their carefree attitude. Yes little expensive but Duke 390 gives them ultimate road stud wali image!

The Pulsars from Bajaj Auto

When Bajaj Pulsar 150 entered India in 2001, so many youth went mad! Its fighter plane inspired design, smooth engine sound and speed attracted many small town riders. Chapri bikers also started modifying Pulsars uniquely - adding big tyres, projector lights and loudest silencers!

Doing long trips with friends on Pulsars gave them their distinct biker brother identity. They felt proud owner of a 'performance bike' like seen on TV. Pulsar 200 with its big muscles is current hot favorite among chapris wanting both style and extra power!

The R15 and Apache from TVS-Suzuki 

Seeing the racing look of these new bikes itself gives chapri bikers adrenaline rush! The stylish big front masks with edgy graphics make Apache and R15 look like they are always in fast motion - pure sports bike avatar!

Many expert level stunts become easy to try out on the smooth Giant Hornet and R series engines inspired from actual race bikes of Suzuki and Yamaha. For rookie riders, these mean getting entry into big biking leagues beyond little 100-125cc bikes. Racing indeed!

The Humble Splendor 

While fancy, high-end bikes grabbed most people's attention, humble 100cc commuter bikes like the popular Hero Splendor became the first bike for thousands of new riders in 1990s India.

This was because of its low cost, excellent mileage, and hassle-free operation. Even today, many people still depend on their trusty Splendors for daily needs despite upgrading to more powerful bikes.

In fact, the simplicity of the Splendor contrasts with the flashy, stylish models that people personally prefer. This makes the Splendor special in its own way


Behind shiny frames flashing by chaotic Indian streets are stories of daring rookie bikers unveiling their passion and machismo - the chapri biker brotherhood. For them superbikes embody deeper metaphors of courage, thrill, wanderlust freedom and the racing spirit necessary to cruise through challenging lives overall. These meanings make the machines priceless identity symbols regardless of market valuations. This eternal romance endures breaking class barriers.

FAQs on Chapri Riders

Q1. Why do chapris ride without helmets despite risks?

Ans. Avoiding helmets is part macho show off and part cost saving. Plus some feel it kills the real biking thrill.

Q2. How do chapris manage expensive bike buys on modest incomes?

Ans. Buying old used/refurbished models, sharing ownership costs with friends, taking small loans etc.

Q3. Why is bike tuning such an obsession among chapri bikers?

Ans. They take pride in extracting max performance from limited engine capacities through smart modifications.

Q4. What non-bike activities bond chapri bikers deeply?

Ans. Bunking work/college together, watching cricket matches, chasing local girls, travelling outstation etc.

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